Steel City Ruby Conf

Pittsburgh's First Ruby Conference

The Sponsors



Welcome, Potential Sponsors!

Thank you for taking a few moments to consider sponsoring our conference!

Steel City Ruby Conference will be held August 3-4, 2012 at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are capping attendance at 200 for our inaugural year, and we’re looking for great sponsors from the software industry to help offset the cost of the conference.


Steel City Ruby Conference, SCRC, was founded by members of the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade, a group of developers who meet periodically to discuss the Ruby programming language and other things related to software development.

Our target demographic is developers of all ages, but specifically focusing on Ruby developers who have not yet attended a conference. We believe that Pittsburgh is a fantastic place to hold such a conference due to the city’s burgeoning Ruby developer community, the city’s renewed focus on being a technology center of the east coast, and a plethora of college students interested in software at Pittsburgh-area institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh. Add in a healthy startup community (startups love Ruby!) and affordable travel and hotel costs, and Pittsburgh is the next great place to hold a Ruby developer conference!

Our primary goal at this time is raising the funds we need to hold a successful event. We’ve established a few tiers of sponsorship, one of which we hope your company will find affordable! Each tier includes the rewards of the previous tier.

  1. You’ll have a booth (10’x10’ space) for the duration of the event.
  2. Inclusion of company name and logo in mailing list messages before and after the event.
  3. Your company’s name will be announced as the sponsor for the party on either Friday or Saturday night. You will also have a moment to speak at the party (announcements, giveaways, etc).

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